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How to create bowtie earrings

Beautify with your perfect accents

Divine and Soulfully Aligned

Jewelry created for the artist in you


Welcome to JAJ! You've entered the world of a jewelry craftswoman and fierce supporter of women in STEM and the arts.

Check out my video where I go through the creation process for the Bow Earrings, step-by-step. I love how fun, simple and practical these are. I wear them every day! 

You can create your own, or you can purchase mine!


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JAJ helps artists, stylists and creatives to complete the look and vibe that is perfectly YOU. We craft jewelry from scratch and do not impose strains or hardship on any communities of color or otherwise. Each design represents a divine look so that you can show up confident, fashionable and free. Allow yourself to live your happy beginning, middle and ending.


Want to learn more jewelry design techniques?
Check out this easy to follow video on how to achieve different finishes on your metals. Satisfy your curiosity or widen your techniques. Share your email and you can also keep in touch for more free content on my approach, giveaways and new designs!

Satin, Brush, Mirror Polish

Our JAJ founder / artist studied design principles at Parson's University and has practiced software engineering discipline for more than 15 years. She brings this love of creation and technology to her unique designs.