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Our Story


Energized by the affectionate memory and high respect for her late grandmother (a seamstress and fashion virtuoso) Natalie began nurturing an interest for soldering, cutting and shaping metals to create expressive jewelry. Realizing her love for the craft and process she stepped back from her two decade long role as an engineer and created the jewelry brand Joy Anthony. Guillermina Martinez or (Wela as her grand children called her) was a mother to many and a powerful creator of her own dreams.  Joy and Anthony are family names that represent the high-spirited, resourceful and creative nature of two families.  

Natalie's work is defined by unique form, sizes, closed shapes and generous curves.

Guillermina created her own clothing and often designed and sewed that of her friends and family (including her three daughters). She was the eldest of 10 siblings, a strong-willed woman who traveled from the countryside of Puerto Rico to New York City to create the world she envisioned.  

 A Conversation with Wela:

"I would have liked to have a lot more intimate conversations with my Abuela. She taught herself to read in Yauco, the country side of puerto rico. She was strong. She lived life on her terms. Her fortitude and her ingenuity shaped TWO generations. 

She would say a young woman, wears pretty dresses and shoes. She would ask: Que tú esta poñiendo? (What are you wearing?) I laugh thinking about it because I know she wanted to escape poverty and hardship and looking the part meant A LOT to her. If I had the chance today I would tell her that a woman is who she says she is and doesn't have to be one way or conform to any specific rules. I would tell her I always admire her strength and she inspired me to do things on my terms".

- Natalie

Guillermina circa 1972

Beauty, Purpose and Grace:

Natalie designs jewelry that is expressive and compassionate. She borrows from the spirit and cultural essence of both maternal lines of her children. Below is her mother-in-law, Joy, originating from Guyana, embodying style, imagination and Queenship. Joy is a jewelry lover and huge supporter of JAJ!

Joy Carol Saunders circa 1986