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How to care for your jewelry

Caring for your jewelry is an important part of maintaining its lifetime. Your jewelry will be packed in a tarnish proof bag and our soft JAJ protective pouch.

To protect your item from moisture and direct sunlight, we recommend keeping your jewelry in its pouch if it is not being worn. 

Caring for Brass

Many of our pieces are created from solid brass. Solid brass can shine for decades with a little love and nurture. ✨ 

Can I shower with brass jewelry?

You can shower and bathe with your jewelry. Just know that heavy moisture will kick off the Patina process and darken the color of the pieces.

Gleam and Glimmer:

  1. Soak each piece for 5-10 minutes in a soft soap (dish soap works well). This will remove any lotions or oils that might have transferred. Remove all moisture by drying thoroughly.
  2. Slice a small lemon or lime. Rub the lemon into a tablespoon of salt to create a paste like build up.
  3. Use the paste on the dark parts of the brass to restore the original gleam and glimmer.

Why have my brass pieces darkened?

Alloy metals have a natural process of darkening called Patina. It’s a character trait of the metals that gives the piece an aged feel. If you would like to reverse this darkening process you can follow the simple steps above.

Note: Joy Anthony Jewelry is a proud family owned and run business. Each handmade piece is uniquely designed, polished and cut. You were drawn to it and so it’s made for you!

Email info@joyanthonyjewelry.com if you’d like to inquire about professional polishing or repair services. We will access the repair based on photos and determine the cost or value of repair.